A Green Orange… wait, what?



That’s right, this orange is green. My husband Mike researched this phenomenon and found out that oranges are actually subtropical fruits, not tropical so their color depends on where they’re grown. When the weather cools (in a subtropical climate), the skin turns orange. But here in Hawaii, the weather stays hot so the chlorophyll is preserved and the fruit stays green. That explains why every local orange I’ve seen has been green… and juicy…and sweet… and very orangy.

We bought our oranges at the Kakaako Farmer’s Market in Honolulu from the Ma’o Farms stand. Ma’o is an organic farm located in Wai’anae, an area that has a high rate of poverty and all the trials that come along with it. The farm not only grows delicious organic produce but it serves the community in many ways; offering youth programs including a Farm to Fork program where school children can come be connected to the Ãina (land), and a farm to college program where students learn about agriculture while earning a college degree. To learn more about Ma’o Organic Farm click here.

So what do you do with a green orange? You eat it silly! They’re super delicious just peeled and eaten whole but you can also use them in cooking just like any other orange.

With these oranges I made a super easy, really refreshing no added sugar orangeade. If you don’t have access to green oranges, you can substitute any juicy orange (duh).


One orange, juiced

5-10 drops liquid stevia (optional) or to taste

2 drops Young Living orange essential oil

2 cups water

Mix together all ingredients and pour over ice. Yes, it’s that easy!

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