Sacred Spaces have high energy; a result of the prayers of generations of peoples combining with the energy of the earth.

The focus of these next few posts is going to be energy. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been reading a bit on quantum physics lately (I know, right?) and it’s been sort of an epiphany.

This is it in a nutshell… everything is made up of energy… you, me, your dog, our thoughts, a banana… all energy. The energy vibrates at different levels depending on what it is (your chair has a different vibration than you do). This gives us an illusion of separation. But here’s the thing- we’re not really separated. We are all bobbing around in the same energy. We are connected by energy!

That’s why are thoughts and words are so powerful- they are also energy. And being energy they have an effect. The effect can be either positive or negative depending on the energy behind the thought or word. This is why changing your thoughts will change your life. To me this is empowering!

Words are Energy
Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto conducted studies on water where he would have pictures or written words near the water as it underwent the freezing process. These experiments show how our very thoughts can change the structure of water. The words “ugly” and “hate” create deformed ice crystals without structure while words like”joy”
“love,” and “gratitude” can transform the same damaged water so that it will form beautiful crystals. Putting words near water or objects (such as crystals) in the water have been found to alter its energy signature. Since our body is mostly water, this can have an impact on ourselves and our health as well!

Let’s continue our work of self care and self love. Say loving words to yourself daily, diffuse uplifting oils such as Joy, Gratitude, Abundance, Trauma Life or Believe. Write some affirmations down and tape them on the mirror, the refrigerator or in a place where you will see them often. Say them softly to yourself many times. I truly believe that the path to making the world a better place starts within ourselves.

Remember, we are all connected. The peace within us effects everything (and everyone) around us. Inner peace is the start to living a life of aloha (love).

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Big Island 2017

Meditation is something that I have done off and on for much of my life and I am really working on adding it as a daily practice. I truly feel that taking time to clear our minds is one of the best things that we can do for ourselves. I think that some people are afraid of meditating. Maybe this is because they think they don’t know how, maybe they feel “bored.” maybe they are just so used to filling every second of their life with busy-ness that the idea of sitting in stillness for 10 minutes completely freaks them out. My own husband is one of these people. He said that he tried meditating before and he felt like he got nothing out of it. To that I say “phooey!” But he still won’t meditate.

Personally I think that meditation is the best way to get in touch with our inner selves and collective conscienceness. But be warned, sometimes the things that we shove down deep come out when we quiet our minds. This can sometimes be painful, but it is a necessary step in recognizing and releasing toxic emotions. You have to let those painful emotions go. If you push them down deep they cause all kinds of havoc.

An awesome way to get meditation into your life is to create some rituals with your meditation time. Put an uplifting essential oil in your diffuser. Make a special oil blend that you can put on your pulse points or chakras (to get you some oily goodness, contact me or check out my About Young Living page). Choose a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Put on some quiet music. Maybe even start with reading a few affirmations. I like to hold some of my favorite quartz crystals while I’m meditating. I feel that their energy helps to clear and focus my mind. Whatever floats your boat people! Just be sure to…

Meditate… it’s what your mind needs.

Do What You Love

city of refuge
An ancient Hawaiian game at The City of Refuge, Hawaii Island

One way to ensure a joyful life and positive energy flow is to do things that you like. Eat what you like (in moderation), listen to music that makes your soul sing, find activities that you love and do them.

One thing that I’ve finally learned about myself is that I despise going to the gym. It is just a giant energy sucking nightmare for me. I started to think about the kinds of activities I liked to do a child. I realized that most of the things I did as a child were outdoor activities. I rode horses, played outside, swam, danced… Today I prefer activities outside. Thankfully in Hawaii we can be outside pretty much everyday. We even go to yoga classes outside! I realize that most of you live in a place where the weather isn’t so accommodating but you can still go outside (I lived my whole life in Michigan so I know this). Bundle up, take a walk and hug a tree. Connect to the earth!
When you are not enjoying what you’re doing, it is not in vibrational alignment with the real you. When you are joyful, you are in full alignment to the real you. You are filled with source energy. You are at peace. You are full of joy. Maybe you love going to the gym- do it! Maybe you love walking- do that! Whatever it is that makes you feel happy and connected; that’s what you need to do. Fill your life with joyful activities and watch your energy soar! Add some oily goodness in there and watch it soar even more!!

Live aloha change the world

Love Your Life

Kauai view

This is from The Comprehensive Vibrational Healing Guide by Maya Cointreau…
“Before you can begin to bring your body back into balance and facilitate a state of self-healing, you need to reawaken your mind-soul connection. It is not enough to simply live life. I want you to love life.”

The difference between living life and loving life is simple… joy. Your emotions are your guide to your inner self. When you feel anxious or sad, it is because you are not living the life that you are meant to live. When you are loving life, you are making the world a better place through your thoughts, words, energy and actions. This is what, in Hawaii is meant by living aloha… your life is infused with love and it shines out upon everyone you meet.

When you are just living life, you are merely subsiding. You may lash out at others or succumb to negative self thoughts. You are not making the world a better place. In fact, you may be making it a little worse. So how do we get from living life to loving life? It all starts within ourselves. I truly believe that the path to world peace begins with inner peace. If all of us were to achieve inner peace, there would be nothing for us to fight about. We would all be living in the spirit of aloha (love), we would all treat each other with kindness. We would all share.

Today, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. How are they related? The first step is noticing your thoughts so that you can be aware of the role you play in your own feelings. Believe me, this is BIG!

Oh ya, and diffusing something uplifting doesn’t hurt either.