Sacred Spaces have high energy; a result of the prayers of generations of peoples combining with the energy of the earth.

The focus of these next few posts is going to be energy. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been reading a bit on quantum physics lately (I know, right?) and it’s been sort of an epiphany.

This is it in a nutshell… everything is made up of energy… you, me, your dog, our thoughts, a banana… all energy. The energy vibrates at different levels depending on what it is (your chair has a different vibration than you do). This gives us an illusion of separation. But here’s the thing- we’re not really separated. We are all bobbing around in the same energy. We are connected by energy!

That’s why are thoughts and words are so powerful- they are also energy. And being energy they have an effect. The effect can be either positive or negative depending on the energy behind the thought or word. This is why changing your thoughts will change your life. To me this is empowering!

Words are Energy
Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto conducted studies on water where he would have pictures or written words near the water as it underwent the freezing process. These experiments show how our very thoughts can change the structure of water. The words “ugly” and “hate” create deformed ice crystals without structure while words like”joy”
“love,” and “gratitude” can transform the same damaged water so that it will form beautiful crystals. Putting words near water or objects (such as crystals) in the water have been found to alter its energy signature. Since our body is mostly water, this can have an impact on ourselves and our health as well!

Let’s continue our work of self care and self love. Say loving words to yourself daily, diffuse uplifting oils such as Joy, Gratitude, Abundance, Trauma Life or Believe. Write some affirmations down and tape them on the mirror, the refrigerator or in a place where you will see them often. Say them softly to yourself many times. I truly believe that the path to making the world a better place starts within ourselves.

Remember, we are all connected. The peace within us effects everything (and everyone) around us. Inner peace is the start to living a life of aloha (love).

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