Aloha mai no, aloha aku;
o ka huhu ka mea e ola `ole ai.

When love is given, love should be returned;
anger is the thing that gives no life.

Aloha! My name is Shelly Bennett. I moved to Honolulu, Hawaii on the beautiful island of Oahu in September 2016 with my husband Mike Spencer. This is the first time I’ve ever lived farther than 30 minutes from the city of Detroit. Detroit is in my blood. So much so that my very first blog that I started in 2010 was called “Little Miss Detroit.” I guess you could say that this blog could be called “Little Miss Detroit Moves to Hawaii.” But I’m not calling it that and I’ll tell you why…

Mike and I moved here so that he can do some research related to health. He’s done a lot of work with the African American and Latino populations in Detroit around diabetes and he’s hoping to do some similar work with the Native Hawaiian population now. Sadly, all of these populations have a much higher incidence of diabetes and other health related issues. But the difference with Native Hawaiians is that there are far fewer people of Native Hawaiian decent and so that means there is less funding and less people looking to study that population.

about-2Health and wellness has always been a personal passion of mine. And that is just one of the reasons that my husband is perfect for me. I used to read books on herbal medicine when I was in middle school! My mom used to walk with me through her garden and point out plants that have been used for healing for centuries. I have always been fascinated with wellness and holistic healing because I believe that our “healthcare” system does a great job of making sure we aren’t healthy (it should be called our “Sickcare System in my opinion). I’ve always known that there is a better way and that wellness is looking at so much more than just our physical bodies.

Considering my obsession with heath and wellness, I haven’t always lived in a way that has contributed positively to my own health. The food here in Hawaii is amazing and we’ve found ourselves overindulging quite a bit. Time for a reset and to get back to a more balanced, healthy way of living. I want to share our journey here with you. When you go on a journey, you tend to see lots of different things. I’ll be writing about a lot of different things because, well, I find a lot of things interesting and impactful on wellness. Sometimes you’ll find me writing about social justice issues, sometimes I’ll try out a recipe on you, and sometimes I’ll be wanting to write about essential oils, because, well, they have literally changed our lives. All of these things are important when it comes to wellness because real wellness includes your body, mind, spirit, family, community and world. We are all connected so one’s person’s positive change has a ripple effect on everything. It’s my goal to live in a way that makes the world a better place.

Thank you for joining me on this wild ride I call life.

With much aloha,