My Love Affair With Essential Oils

I got started on my oily journey with Young Living in early 2014 and I’ve been hooked ever since. Mike and I use Young Living essential oils and oil infused products all day, every day… they have literally changed our lives! My nature is not to be pushy or salesy and I never in a million years thought that I would be part of a network marketing company, but here I am running my own business with Young Living… and I love it!

Joy was the first oil I ever tried. I was feeling depressed at the time and the smell really helped improve my mood. I was instantly hooked!

A little about the company; what really made me jump head first onto the Young Living train is their Seed to Seal Guarantee. What that means is that Young Living oversees every step of the process of producing their essential oils; from planting the seeds to distilling the oil, to bottling the product, to shipping it to your door. They own all their own farms or partner with farms around the world to ensure that all of the plants are grown with their specific growing practices. NO chemicals ever touch these plants or the soil that they’re grown in! That means that you are getting an extremely pure and potent product which can be very therapeutic and life altering. For more information on Young Living click here.

If you’re interested in giving Young Living essential oils a try I recommend getting started with the Premium Starter Kit (PSK). The PSK is a great way to jump into oily living because it comes with 11 of the most popular and versatile essential oils, a diffuser, some samples of Ningxia Red, Young Living’s amazing oil infused antioxidant liquid wellness (I like to call it energy in a bottle), some oil samples and some glass sample bottles (that you can use to take small amounts of oil in your purse or to share with others). You get all that for only $160! The retail value is over $300 so it really is a great deal. AND you will also be a wholesale member so all your future purchases will be 24% below retail price… I know, right?

The Premium Starter Kit comes with all the things listed here. An amazing deal. I’ve bought several of these babies!

Interested in essential oils but feeling overwhelmed about using your oils? No worries! I will totally help you. I give all my customers a welcome package that gives you many tools to get you started using your oils. I’ll connect with you via social media as well and add you to some awesome support groups. These groups will link you to like minded people who are using and loving their oils. And you can always contact me via email at alohaoilers@gmail.com and I will answer any questions asap.

Ready to get started? You’ll need to sign up as a wholesale member and choose your diffuser. My Young Living member number is 1918479. The link below will automatically fill it in for you. Signing up under my member number will allow me to take care of YOU!

Click here to go to the sign up page and get started on your oily journey. Woot woot! I am so excited for you! If you prefer to type in the link yourself (I get it) you can go to http://www.youngliving.com and type in my member number (1918479) for the sponsor and enroller- 1918479 is the number you type into both spots so that I can take care of you.

Here is a little cheat sheet that will help you if you get stuck.


That’s it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy if I do say so myself. You are ready to begin your oily journey to health and wellness. I will contact you after you enroll to send you some getting started goodies and to help you on your oily journey.


Have questions? No problem! Feel free to contact me at alohdroppers@gmail.com.  I am happy to help you anytime.

You can also follow me on Instagram @thealohalounge (https://www.instagram.com/thealohalounge/)

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